5 Reasons to Sell Your House As-Is

Do you need to sell your house? For homes that need updates, remodeling, or total rehabbing, standard real estate sales listings are not necessarily the best option to sell for a fair price. Some homeowners are not financially or physically able to carry out the necessary work to compete on the real estate market.  Simplehouseoffer.com has a solution for this; a highly customized win-win option to update the property and preserve the homeowner’s equity.

Other homeowners are unwilling to go through listing, showings, and dealing with negotiations, preferring not to spend a great deal of time waiting for the sale or spending cash out of pocket to help buyers qualify for their mortgage loans. 

Selling the home as-is makes a great solution. We will explore five reasons to sell your house as-is. Most of all, simplehouseoffer.com offers convenience, value and time, for a reasonable price.

These days, buyers do not want “fixer-uppers”. Only because they have to or they have no other option, they might venture into a remodel after moving into their new home. But does that sound like the picture perfect American Dream? Of course not. And this is where simplehouseoffer.com comes in. For the seller, saving money on preparing the home for showings and marketing costs is a great reason to sell your house as-is to an experienced professional buyer like those at Simple House Offer .com. You won’t have to concern yourself with any cosmetic fixes, such as painting or modernizing appliances or the interior. Listing homes in disrepair on the traditional market often leads to extremely lowball offers from bargain hunters, who want discounts for whatever work they need to complete.

Save Money

Save Time

Saving time is a motivating reason to sell your house as-is to a direct buyer, like Simple House Offer .com, especially if you face foreclosure or other financial issues. For sellers who have had to relocate while their home is on the market, selling the home as-is can resolve the problem of time pressures of traveling back and forth between the properties.

No Repairs

Simplehouseoffer.com a cash house buyer, eliminates the demanding matter of making repairs. We skip the inspections! As experienced contractors, we know what we’re looking at and we’re prepared to make you and offer on the spot. When you work with a direct buyer like Simple House Offer .com, you can stop worrying about making repairs which is another reason to sell your house as-is. What unknown problems the inspection might reveal won’t be keeping you up at night anymore. You can also skip the nightmare of living in a construction zone while repairs drag on.

No Commissions

Have you done the math on the prospect of paying out a 5 or 6 percent commission? Its downright SCARY! At Simplehouseoffer.com, we’re saving you the cost of paying out a commission that real estate agents take from the profits at closing. On a $300,000 home, your commission ranges from $15,000. to a whopping $30,000. fees from big brand-name brokers.

Saving commission fees is an excellent reason to sell your house “as-is” to an experienced professional buyer like those at Simple House Offer .com. With a direct sale, there are no hidden fees or expensive surprises waiting for you at the closing, either. The amount offered is what you will receive in cash through a direct sale.

No Buyers Backing Out

Often, buyers insist on contingencies, even with as-is properties, that will allow them to back out of deals upon learning of serious problems found during the inspection. WE DO NOT DO THAT. We are professional contractor and we know what we’re looking at.One reason to sell your house as-is to a direct buyer like Simple House Offer .com is that you will have a guaranteed closing date. Simplehouseoffer.com completely understands what’s involved with buying a home in as-is condition and we are willing to take on the risks.

No Holding Costs

Bearing the costs of two homes is a motivating reason to sell your house as-is an experienced professional buyer like those at Simple House Offer .com. Sadly, if you have relocated, you are all too familiar with the expenses of maintaining the new residence along with the home for sale is stressful, not to mention the costs of traveling or paying a caretaker. Avoid this extraordinary monetary loss by simply selling your house with Simplehouseoffer.com today – We buy houses for cash.

A direct sale to Simple House Offer .com means the deal won’t fall through! We buy EVERY house that we place an offer. We Buy houses for cash, we never change the price or back-out. Even during the Covid times, we bought 22 houses for Cash and we close in 21 days. We buy houses as-is. Simplehouseoffer.com can close fast because we are cash buyers! Just set the closing date that works best for you and leave everything else behind. We can buy houses as quickly as 7 days if all You don’t even need to clean. Simple House Offer .com will make an offer you agree is fair for your home. We make the process easy, which is the best reason to sell your house as-is. Send us a message or call Simple House Offer .com at (978) 925-7355 to learn more from use at Simplehouseoffer.com!

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